Church of England Approves Women Bishops

Christopher Furlong/Getty

    In a historical first, the Church of England has voted to allow women to serve as bishops. An overwhelming 351 members voted in favor of the measure, 72 voted against it, and 10 abstained. Before the vote by the national assembly known as the General Synod, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said the public would view it as “almost incomprehensible” if the measure were to fail. Just two years ago, a similar piece of legislation failed to get two-thirds of the vote. Women can already serve as bishops in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Source: DailyBeast

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Astronaut hunt turns into sexist nightmare for female finalist

I found this on Tumblr, and I felt heartbroken for the women in my country.


A competition on Facebook by a male grooming brand to send a Malaysian to a space camp in Florida, USA to train to be an astronaut turned ugly when the only female finalist was “trolled”, drawing sexist comments from netizens.

Post-graduate student Roshini Muniam, who is one of the top five finalists of Axe deodorant’s Apollo Space Race competition, was discriminated against online due to her gender.

A comment posted by Syed Wazien on Roshini’s profile, featured in Axe’s Facebook page, expressed surprise over a woman’s desire to go to space.

“What – a woman?! No way, hose!!!” he said.

Geeky Fredward wrote that Roshini should not compete and must make way for her male counterparts to win the competition.

“Banyak lagi competition untuk female only kat luar tu lady.. (there are many other competitions for females out there, lady) don’t ruin what’s intended or most considered to be men only chance?”

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