Elliott Rodger Was Enraged at “Ugly Black Filth” Who Dated White Girls & Parents Tried To Stop Him

Before mass shooter Elliot Rodger, 22, went on a killing spree, gunning down six people and wounding eight in a southern California college town, he detailed his reasoning in a 137 page manifesto.

Judging from the manifesto left by the Santa Barbara shooter, he was a socially awkward, mentally disturbed young man. He was also a racist who couldn’t understand why women didn’t like him. In his rant, he lamented over the fact that even an “ugly black boy” could get a date with a white girl but he couldn’t. In Rodger’s mind, he was superior because he was mostly white, and should’ve gotten girls solely based on his white privilege.

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Three-Year-Old Coco Is The Italian Mafia’s Littlest Victim

A vicious mob hit on a three-year-old toddler, shot at point-blank range alongside his grandfather in an apparent retaliation for an unpaid debt, has outraged Italy.
Three-year-old Nicola “Coco” Campolongo never had a chance at a normal life.  Born to drug pushers in the tiny suburb of Cosenza, Calabria, in the heart of ‘Ndrangheta crime syndicate’s territory in southern Italy, the only time the toddler had seen his parents since June 10, 2011 was when someone found time to take him to visit them in prison.Last week, young “Coco” was shot in the head along with his grandfather, 52-year-old Giuseppe Iannicelli, and his grandfather’s Moroccan companion, 27-year-old Ibtissa Taoussa, whom the child knew as “Aunt Betty.”  Their skeletal remains were found in a burnt out Fiat Punto that had been doused with gas and set alight behind an abandoned farmhouse.  A shiny 50-euro-cent coin was found on the roof of the burnt-out car, leading local investigators to assume the triple-assassination was a vendetta for an unpaid drug debt.  Coco’s grandfather had been convicted of dealing narcotics and was serving out an eight-year suspended sentence under nocturnal house arrest. When he failed to check in with police, investigators went looking for him, assuming he had skipped town with his girlfriend and young Coco in tow.  A few days later, a hunter spotted the burnt-out Fiat and alerted authorities who discovered the macabre scene inside.  Iannicelli’s body was found in the car’s trunk and his young companion was in the front passenger seat. Coco’s charred remains were found in a carseat in the back seat of the car.

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Plight of slave maid who was beaten everyday for eight months

Tortured: Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 22, was left unable to walk following eight months of abuse at the hands of her employers. Photo – Reuters, AP

Thousands of domestic helpers took to the streets of Hong Kong yesterday to demand justice for an Indonesian maid who was allegedly enslaved and tortured by her employers for eight months.

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 22, was reportedly left unable to walk following eight months of abuse in the southern Chinese city and was admitted to an Indonesian hospital in critical condition last week after returning home.

Details of her torture has sparked widespread anger across Hong Kong, and yesterday a second Indonesian domestic helper came forward to claim that she had suffered similar beatings and death threats at the hands of the same employers in 2010.

Made to sleep on the floor, Erwiana said she worked 21-hour shifts, had no days off, was fed just a single bowl of rice a day and was beaten constantly, sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

Finally, when her injuries had become so severe that she could no longer work, her boss bought her a ticket home, gave her 70 Hong Kong dollars (£5.50) and dumped her at Honk Kong airport, making her swear never to mention what had happened to her.

‘She told me that she knew a lot of people in Indonesia and if I said anything she would have my parents killed,’ Erwiana told Al Jazeera, surrounded by her family in a hospital bed in Sragen, Central Java.

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The Skylar Neese Murder: Not just in TV anymore

Reading this news today just seem unbelievable to me. It felt like reading TV guide, and reminded me a little of Revenge the TV Show, Emily Thorne plotting while gaining the trust of people on her to kill list.

I think it’s interesting that the killer/best friend tweeted just about everything, to the day she was arrested:

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 5.56.13 AM

My condolences to the Neese family. It is always heartbreaking when a child leave before parents, more so ripped from your arms without warning by accident or murder. And what is even more heartbreaking nowadays in a modern society that more and more individuals think they have the right to take another person’s life, the ages are getting younger and the reasons are stupider. What could have 16 year old Skylar Neese had done to deserve to die at the hands of her best friends?

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Men Guilty in U.K. Beheading

Somebody stop this madness and stupidity.

 photo 1387459622267cached_zps8ccb8ab1.jpg

Two men have been found guilty in the May murder of 25-year-old British soldier Lee Rigby. The pair, Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, killed Rigby—nearly beheading him in the middle of the street—the defense argued, because they believed they were fighting a holy war against Western aggression in Muslim countries. While announcing the verdict, the judge read witness accounts that the two men “looked pleased with what they had done.” Protestors soon gathered outside the court to demand capital punishment, which British law does not allow.

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Four Dead in Grisly Phoenix, Arizona Shooting

Four people are dead in a gruesome shooting in northeast Phoenix, Arizona, including the suspected gunman, in what appears to be a case of domestic violence.

According to police, a man killed his wife, teenage daughter and a family friend before apparently taking his own life. The family friend’s body was found in the driveway, the daughter’s inside the house, and the wife’s body was found burning in the backyard. The suspected gunman was found dead in an alleyway more than a block from the family’s home.

Phoenix police say the wife reportedly filed an order of protection just hours before the shooting. The incident started when she tried to leave the home. Phoenix’s 3TV reports that after the shooting, police and members of the SWAT team surrounded the house and sent in a robot before they entered the home. Authorities have not yet released the names of the victims.