This blog is not about comparing or contending faiths nor is it an outlet for political propaganda. There are many conduits of such out there, and this is not one of them.

What I write, what I’m about, that no matter how advanced we are in this time and age, it seems the mentality of some can’t keep up with it, a widespread of intolerance and ignorance towards race, faith and gender.

Being modern does not mean well equipped with computer knowledge, having a degree or a job with phd.

I believe being modern means how to facilitate your mind to the fullest with education and knowledge bestowed upon you, understanding yourself and what you’re about, what it means to be in a community, integrate well in the society.

this blog is about what is wrong with this world, why it is still happening and focuses on why Muslims need to change for the sake of Muslims.

It is hard for me to look at my nieces watching TV, playing, having dreams and going to school when girls of the same age, Muslims or not, are being oppressed,
forced into marriage, sold into prostitutions.

It is hard for me to accept there are women in this world who are stripped of their privileges as human beings, not allowed to drive or to get an education, when where I come from
majority of Muslim women are highly educated, are CEOs, own cars, and just have a good fucking life and still good Muslims.

I am against violence.

I am against tyranny.

I am fucking against racism.

Oppressed children, men and women around the world
no matter what their race or faith or sexual preference are my family
you fuck with them you fuck with me.

like the shutter of the camera, if it’s not open, there will be no image.


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