Plight of slave maid who was beaten everyday for eight months

Tortured: Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 22, was left unable to walk following eight months of abuse at the hands of her employers. Photo – Reuters, AP

Thousands of domestic helpers took to the streets of Hong Kong yesterday to demand justice for an Indonesian maid who was allegedly enslaved and tortured by her employers for eight months.

Erwiana Sulistyaningsih, 22, was reportedly left unable to walk following eight months of abuse in the southern Chinese city and was admitted to an Indonesian hospital in critical condition last week after returning home.

Details of her torture has sparked widespread anger across Hong Kong, and yesterday a second Indonesian domestic helper came forward to claim that she had suffered similar beatings and death threats at the hands of the same employers in 2010.

Made to sleep on the floor, Erwiana said she worked 21-hour shifts, had no days off, was fed just a single bowl of rice a day and was beaten constantly, sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

Finally, when her injuries had become so severe that she could no longer work, her boss bought her a ticket home, gave her 70 Hong Kong dollars (£5.50) and dumped her at Honk Kong airport, making her swear never to mention what had happened to her.

‘She told me that she knew a lot of people in Indonesia and if I said anything she would have my parents killed,’ Erwiana told Al Jazeera, surrounded by her family in a hospital bed in Sragen, Central Java.

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source: MalaysianEdition


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