Fined a million for having 3 kids

I didn’t know this policy is still going on in China, but isn’t it against human rights to limit how many one can have children? Sure they have poverty and population problem in China, but shouldn’t they raise the limit when one can afford to rear more than one?
Not only its the cause for secret abortions, baby killing or clogging them in toilets/ dumping in rivers. I’ve read somewhere that they now not allow couples to determine sex before birth because they often opt for termination if its a female fetus. But forcing that couple to only have one child of a sex they don’t want may lead to abuse.


Thomas Peter/Reuters

Zhang Yimou, the popular director of movies including Hero and House of Flying Daggers, has been fined $1 million for violating China’s one-child policy. The fine was tabulated based on Zhang and his wife’s income, leaving them 30 days to pay it. Zhang is also known for directing the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. The policy, which was introduced in the 1970’s, will be relaxed for for couples that include parents who were an only child.



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