Plus-size, Pink, perfect skin.

When I was growing up, the short time I had with my Barbies, they were call girls for my baby brother’s GI Joes, damsels getting saved from a barricaded or pretend-burning doll house, even double agent prostitutes (this is what happens when no one watches what you’re watching when you’re five.) Either that, they serve as playmates during visits to my stepsisters’.

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Go Zoe: Zoe Saldana on Her Breast Obsession – I’d Buy a Pair Before I Die

We live in a world that constantly judges, and we cannot escape the fact that no one can judge women harsher than women themselves.
For years I too believed in the stigma of breast implants, that the women who have them are shallow or have low self esteem,
unnecessary surgery in the name of beauty to look like D,E,F,G, or in Japanese porn culture known as bomber cups.
But my opinion changed over the years, and many women that I met with implants are pleasant women, who just want to look balanced,
self-gratification, married women who no longer nurse their children, or women who survived breast cancer.
Some of these women you can’t even tell they have implants, because in the society’s mind, women who have implants tend to show
their cleavage. Some just wanted a B-cup, or small C, tired of being a pear or the reverse triangle. Having implants is just like
color contacts or dying your hair, except it is more permanent like tattoo, and require extra care, just like everything else.
There are people who furnished lavishly but never receive guests, just like there are people who love to beautify themselves
for their own content. Yes you would like to teach your daughters or sons to love themselves no matter what body shape that have bestowed upon them,
but do not teach them by belittling women or men that made choices to enhance their body. Chances are, they might think of having this surgery in the future,
and knowing how strongly you felt about it, would leave you out of the loop.


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The Skylar Neese Murder: Not just in TV anymore

Reading this news today just seem unbelievable to me. It felt like reading TV guide, and reminded me a little of Revenge the TV Show, Emily Thorne plotting while gaining the trust of people on her to kill list.

I think it’s interesting that the killer/best friend tweeted just about everything, to the day she was arrested:

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 5.56.13 AM

My condolences to the Neese family. It is always heartbreaking when a child leave before parents, more so ripped from your arms without warning by accident or murder. And what is even more heartbreaking nowadays in a modern society that more and more individuals think they have the right to take another person’s life, the ages are getting younger and the reasons are stupider. What could have 16 year old Skylar Neese had done to deserve to die at the hands of her best friends?

Read the news here:

‘Duck Dynasty’ Suspends Robertson for homophobic comments

Wait, what? So straight people don’t sleep around? Or bestiality were gay people?

 photo 1387417964872cached_zpsfd29941a.jpg

Duck Dynasty isn’t taking Phil Robertson’s homophobic comments in stride. The patriarch of the hit A&E program has been suspended indefinitely from the reality show after tellingGQ magazine that gay behavior leads into bestiality and then “sleeping around.” He added that the “sin” was “not logical.” The network told E! it’s “extremely disappointed” in Robertson’s comments that “are based on his own personal beliefs.”

source: The

Men Guilty in U.K. Beheading

Somebody stop this madness and stupidity.

 photo 1387459622267cached_zps8ccb8ab1.jpg

Two men have been found guilty in the May murder of 25-year-old British soldier Lee Rigby. The pair, Michael Adebolajo, 29, and Michael Adebowale, 22, killed Rigby—nearly beheading him in the middle of the street—the defense argued, because they believed they were fighting a holy war against Western aggression in Muslim countries. While announcing the verdict, the judge read witness accounts that the two men “looked pleased with what they had done.” Protestors soon gathered outside the court to demand capital punishment, which British law does not allow.


The Ugly Side of Beauty Contests

Technology does not modernize a country, tolerance and equality does. Why people are so hang up on color?

Girls' Globe

Recently, in two national beauty contests held on both sides of the Atlantic, the ugly side of beauty reared its racist head as online racist backlash took over the web.  Nina Davuluri, winner of the Miss America Contest, a 24-year-old North American of Indian descent and Flora Coquerel,winner of the Miss France Contest, a 19-year-old whose mother is from the West African state of Benin, both shocked a fraction of humanity as the question was posed:

How did they win when they are not white natives to their countries?

As a mixed race young woman who has grown up in the UK and exhibits the beauty of Jamaican, Ghanaian and Irish ancestry, I found the racist reactions disturbing to say the least. Here are some of the comments that circulated on Twitter:

The United States of America

I am literarily soo mad right now a…

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