Elliott Sailors, Female Turned Male Model

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via Elliott Sailors, Female Turned Male Model.

Sailors is – or rather, was – a sultry blonde who was signed by the prestigious Ford Models and fronted a Bacardi campaign.
Now, she’s ditched the swimsuit and long locks for flannels and a short, spiky haircut.
That’s because Sailors has decided she wants to model as a man.

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Here’s what I don’t understand:

[Others, however, have been less responsive to Sailors’s “transformation.” Slate’s Katy Waldman wrote, “While Sailors may be smartly taking advantage of androgyny’s current chicness in the fashion world, her stunt is at best a canny career move, and at worst slightly insensitive to trans people. She continued: “To appropriate the trans/transition narrative when really all you intend to do is playact a different gender for the camera is just silly. Cut it out.”]

No, you cut it out. Why would it be insensitive to trans people? I don’t see a problem here.
It’s the same thing when people were saying Miley’s twerking show was racist (but Miley is still gross.)

There are plenty of females who does this for a career or day to day basis, but Waldman was able to attack one person
because Sailors made a name in the modelling industry, where plenty people like to bitch about nothing.

I can imagine Waldman’s review for quite a few of Glenn Close’s parts especially as Albert Nobbs.

Waldman’s opinion are slice of proof that some women just like to look for fault in other women’s successes.
Article mentioned that male model make less money, Sailors lose a lot of clients after she shears off her trademark flowy blonde hair,
I say this woman make a bold move in the kind of world we live in. No longer will she be a center-fold, a pin-up,
or probably the top ten of teenage jerk-off list.

Are you not curious to what she has to gain on this, other than learning more about herself, facing her fear about her looks and career,
and show other women the courage to do certain things to overcome certain things, no matter what people like Waldman say?