Marry your rapist?

There are cases in this world where people kill for fun, for pleasure. To them, you are not a person. Just like insane individuals who could beat the jellies out of animals, that’s how they see you. Forbidden thrill. They get turned on when your eyes reflect fear, their lust rides high as you try to twist your wrists free from their grip, they reach euphoria when you shake in pain as your internal rip open by force penetration.

And G.P. Marthur said,”It can be appropriate for women to marry their alleged rapists, provided the marriage isn’t coerced.”

Seriously, is this a solution? Is humanity lost? Did Earth somehow spiraled backwards, because there are just nonsense and stupidity everywhere.

“Retired Supreme Court justice G.P. Marthur told a crowd in January that it can be appropriate for women to marry their rapists, provided the marriage wasn’t coerced. The remarks were only weeks after a student died after being brutally raped on a bus in New Delhi—and they underscore the uphill battle many are fighting to improve attitudes toward rape and sexual assault in India. There is a “bias that begins in society and spills over into the courtroom,” according to Indian solicitor general Indira Jaising. But that bias might be changing: the country erupted in protest after the death of the 23-year-old student at the end of last year—protests which continued after a five-year-old girl was raped and killed in Delhi.”

India Debates Rape Response

To Wed Your Rapist, or Not: Indian Women on Trial

How did he come to this conclusion? It’s as if in his mind, the rapists are always strangers, when studies show often times the rapist

is usually someone the victim knows.

What if the rapist were a family member?

What if the rapist rapes again, a different woman?

What if the girl was 5 years old?

What if the victim was raped by multiple men?

These should not even be the questions to ask.


When I was in my country, I read in the newspaper a grandfather did time because he raped his toddler of a grand-daughter. 10 years or so after he was released, he got in again for raping her the second time. I remember because this sat long with me, what can be done other than death penalty? But who are we to take another person’s life even if they are wrong? Waste taxpayers’ money and rot in jail?


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