Muslims must be educated

It is critical for Muslims to be educated, and understand that leaders can make mistakes for they are human. They can say as they like because they are human. There’s nothing wrong questioning a spiritual leader whether he is right, or if he is knowledgable enough to say such things, because in this day and age you cannot follow blindly.

Even Prophet David a.s, the esteemed judge and known to be very intelligent, made mistakes and two angels were sent to him to rectify it. Acknowledging your mistakes are key to be a great leader, as is being just to his subjects of all races and faiths.

The tale of Prophet David a.s.

David’s wives.

All route to knowledge is open to you, Subhanallah, from just about everywhere, even your phone. There is no reason to stay ignorant unless someone has misguided you greatly, then we hope and pray that you will come back to the path of righteousness. After all, one of the greatest jihad and the only one that can be done and should be done by all is to be educated. Unfortunately the only type of jihad that is made known throughout the world is violence. Nay. This has to stop.

Time and again we have seen many swayed, no matter how religious, and unknowingly replaced their worship with money, replaced their worship with power. Some did not even realize it until it is truly lost in their eyes, pride and ego convinces them that they are right.

No one can stay on the path very long, being human. Tell me who can actually walk a straight line every day. Sure, you would stop and rest, but some will deviate, on purpose or not. But straight line doesn’t mean it’s boring, sometimes the straight line goes straight into trouble, fire, or barren land, poisonous viper pit; only the strong would stay on and not run away. While some people think straight line is safe and boring, i say, it depends where it’s going.

I find that Islam is one of the very few faiths that ask you to contest its book, unlike some other faiths that will tell you to not question God’s word.

Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 23

I find it sad that successful and modern Muslim countries, or so called Muslim countries do not try and help one of their own. They are busy with wealth and contending to be heard and demanding to be recognized as one of the countries, when mentioned, symbolize wealth. I feel that, from experience, the majority of Arabs and Malays are racist Muslims, unconsciously making non-Arabs and non-Malays not welcome to the faith. Sometimes I read about some white people’s plight about how Arabs ignore them in the mosque, the same to Indians or Chinese as in Malaysia. And recently what happened, even the Prime Minister himself said words that divides the races – to the Malays, race is king.

Just remember Marabbuka means, who is your Lord, not what is your race.


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