End Fistula

In this video Natalie Imbruglia, Ambassador of ‘Campaign to End Fistula’ talks about what is fistula and the effects it has on women who suffers from it. Read more on FIRST INTERNATIONAL DAY TO END FISTULA: LAUNCH OF NEW GIRLS’ GLOBE CHANNEL, and spread the word.


Marry your rapist?

There are cases in this world where people kill for fun, for pleasure. To them, you are not a person. Just like insane individuals who could beat the jellies out of animals, that’s how they see you. Forbidden thrill. They get turned on when your eyes reflect fear, their lust rides high as you try to twist your wrists free from their grip, they reach euphoria when you shake in pain as your internal rip open by force penetration.

And G.P. Marthur said,”It can be appropriate for women to marry their alleged rapists, provided the marriage isn’t coerced.”

Seriously, is this a solution? Is humanity lost? Did Earth somehow spiraled backwards, because there are just nonsense and stupidity everywhere.

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The WORST education minister EVER

In case you didn’t know, Tuesday, May 7, was Teacher Appreciation Day. Well, someone should tell that to high school student Jeff Bliss of Duncanville, Texas, who was featured in a video posted to YouTube on Monday. The video, which was shot by a fellow student and has now gone viral, features Bliss ripping into his world history teacher for what he believes are poor teaching practices.

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Have Malaysians lost their pride?

BN, I am fairly impressed by you. Doing this in broad daylight, insulting Malaysians thinking that either they don’t know any better, or they are going to let you do what you want, because you have power?

Have Malaysian Malays lost their pride?

EXPOSED: Post-election payouts in Penang

If you don’t like reading, there are videos on this page.

Muslims must be educated

It is critical for Muslims to be educated, and understand that leaders can make mistakes for they are human. They can say as they like because they are human. There’s nothing wrong questioning a spiritual leader whether he is right, or if he is knowledgable enough to say such things, because in this day and age you cannot follow blindly.

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No Mother’s Day for Malaysian Muslims?

We can only watch helplessly as Malaysia spirals backwards towards the dark ages of intolerance and ignorance. The latest circulating in Malaysia’s cesspool of intelligence is this:


Mother’s Day is Mother Church’s Day. Whoever (Muslims) wants to celebrate, you are welcomed to do it. But if you don’t want to ruin your Aqidah, don’t celebrate it.

Really? And there are people on Facebook liking this post and reposting it without much thought. What has education become for you, Malaysian boys and girls? Yeah you, toting the latest and greatest smartphones that could get you the fastest information and knowledge possible, but yet you chose to use it to talk out of your ass.

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